Body Sculpting – More Than A Physical Change​

When you work hard to lose weight, it can be disappointing to hit your target weight and still have extra skin that needs to be toned. You’ve done all that you were supposed to, and now you feel like you’re stuck with an unattractive body. 

But body sculpting can give you the shape you desired and earned!

Body sculpting, also called contouring, is non-invasive procedure that people turn to after a dramatic weight loss leaves them with skin that doesn’t have the elasticity and toning they want.

This therapy uses sub-zero temperatures to destroy clingy body fat. It focuses on impacting your lymphatic system to eliminate unwanted fat and cellulite naturally.

The Science of Body Sculpting

Different plastic surgery clinics offer various invasive body sculpting procedures to take care of all of your excess skin. You aren’t stuck with the parts of your body you are unhappy with. But when you turn to iCRYO for your body sculpting needs, you have a non-invasive, natural procedure that gets you the same, or better, results.

Cryolipolysis, or using cryotherapy to eliminate fat, has been studied for decades and regularly used over the past ten years. Your professional at iCRYO uses the Peltier effect to get the precise temperature needed to get rid of the fat without harming the surrounding tissue.

When the fat cells are exposed to a temperature slightly above freezing, they enter a stage called apoptosis-mediated cell death. In this state, the fat cells die off while the surrounding tissues remain unharmed. 

The immediate results aren’t your final destination, though. Around the third day, your body responds to cell death with an inflammatory process that takes almost two weeks to complete. During this period, your body removes the damaged fat cells. 

It can take up to three months for the entire inflammation response and lipid metabolism process to complete. It’s common to receive a new treatment every two weeks until that period is finalized.

What to Expect With Your Body Sculpting Session

Because it’s a non-invasive procedure, it can be performed in any trained professional clinical setting, like at iCRYO. Although the therapy involves cold temperatures, it’s actually quite relaxing.

Your therapist will use a coupling gel and the cryoskin machine to cool your skin to a controlled temperature. It can take up to 60 minutes for your treatment. There is no analgesic required, and no reason you can’t return to your regular tasks right after your procedure!

It is recommended that you avoid sugary foods until the next day so that the fat cells don’t have anything new to build them back up.

What Parts of Your Body Can be Contoured?

There are three different types of contouring offered at iCRYO: slimming, toning, and lifting.

  • Cryoslimming is a process in which thermoelectric cooling is used to put your body into cryolipolysis. When the fat is frozen, they enter the stage of cell death in the subcutaneous fat tissue. The surrounding skin is not damaged. 

This treatment takes 30 – 40 minutes, during which time your skin will be slightly warmed up and then quickly cooled down to fat cell killing temperatures. After the treatment itself, your body’s lymphatic system will eliminate the destroyed cells naturally.

  • Cryotoning – If your concern is sagging skin in your facial area, cryotoning may be the answer. It’s a noninvasive alternative to the surgical facelifts of yesteryear. 

With cryotoning, cool temperatures are used to increase your blood flow by widening your blood vessels in the facial area. With the improved circulation, your skin will naturally increase its collagen production, which is needed to firm the skin’s elasticity. The extra oxygen clears the pores, too, making you instantly look younger.

  • Cryolifting – Another facial treatment, cryolifting is a method of improving your facial appearance. This therapy involves projecting CO2 towards your facial tissues, creating a hydration serum that immediately refreshes problematic skin. 

Sagging, wrinkled, or problem areas disappear quickly after this short treatment!

When You’re Ready for Some Toning, Schedule Body Sculpting

Not everyone is a candidate for cryotherapy body sculpting. People with certain medical conditions are not advised to have these procedures performed. 

This safe, noninvasive procedure requires no work from you ahead of time, and you can get on with your day immediately after your treatment! You may not want to, though, as some clients say it’s relaxing and peaceful.

If you are interested in body sculpting, contact the professionals at iCRYO to schedule an appointment. They will review your medical history and your body goals to determine which procedure may be right for you!