When you work hard to lose weight, it can be disappointing to hit your target weight and still have extra skin that needs to be toned. You’ve done all that you were supposed to, and now you feel like you’re stuck with an unattractive body. 

But body sculpting can give you the shape you desired and earned!

Body sculpting, also called contouring, is non-invasive procedure that people turn to after a dramatic weight loss leaves them with skin that doesn’t have the elasticity and toning they want.

This therapy uses sub-zero temperatures to destroy clingy body fat. It focuses on impacting your lymphatic system to eliminate unwanted fat and cellulite naturally.

The Science of Body Sculpting

Different plastic surgery clinics offer various invasive body sculpting procedures to take care of all of your excess skin. You aren’t stuck with the parts of your body you are unhappy with. But when you turn to iCRYO for your body sculpting needs, you have a non-invasive, natural procedure that gets you the same, or better, results.

Cryolipolysis, or using cryotherapy to eliminate fat, has been studied for decades and regularly used over the past ten years. Your professional at iCRYO uses the Peltier effect to get the precise temperature needed to get rid of the fat without harming the surrounding tissue.

When the fat cells are exposed to a temperature slightly above freezing, they enter a stage called apoptosis-mediated cell death. In this state, the fat cells die off while the surrounding tissues remain unharmed. 

The immediate results aren’t your final destination, though. Around the third day, your body responds to cell death with an inflammatory process that takes almost two weeks to complete. During this period, your body removes the damaged fat cells. 

It can take up to three months for the entire inflammation response and lipid metabolism process to complete. It’s common to receive a new treatment every two weeks until that period is finalized.

What to Expect With Your Body Sculpting Session

Because it’s a non-invasive procedure, it can be performed in any trained professional clinical setting, like at iCRYO. Although the therapy involves cold temperatures, it’s actually quite relaxing.

Your therapist will use a coupling gel and the cryoskin machine to cool your skin to a controlled temperature. It can take up to 60 minutes for your treatment. There is no analgesic required, and no reason you can’t return to your regular tasks right after your procedure!

It is recommended that you avoid sugary foods until the next day so that the fat cells don’t have anything new to build them back up.

What Parts of Your Body Can be Contoured?

There are three different types of contouring offered at iCRYO: slimming, toning, and lifting.

  • Cryoslimming is a process in which thermoelectric cooling is used to put your body into cryolipolysis. When the fat is frozen, they enter the stage of cell death in the subcutaneous fat tissue. The surrounding skin is not damaged. 

This treatment takes 30 – 40 minutes, during which time your skin will be slightly warmed up and then quickly cooled down to fat cell killing temperatures. After the treatment itself, your body’s lymphatic system will eliminate the destroyed cells naturally.

  • Cryotoning – If your concern is sagging skin in your facial area, cryotoning may be the answer. It’s a noninvasive alternative to the surgical facelifts of yesteryear. 

With cryotoning, cool temperatures are used to increase your blood flow by widening your blood vessels in the facial area. With the improved circulation, your skin will naturally increase its collagen production, which is needed to firm the skin’s elasticity. The extra oxygen clears the pores, too, making you instantly look younger.

  • Cryolifting – Another facial treatment, cryolifting is a method of improving your facial appearance. This therapy involves projecting CO2 towards your facial tissues, creating a hydration serum that immediately refreshes problematic skin. 

Sagging, wrinkled, or problem areas disappear quickly after this short treatment!

When You’re Ready for Some Toning, Schedule Body Sculpting

Not everyone is a candidate for cryotherapy body sculpting. People with certain medical conditions are not advised to have these procedures performed. 

This safe, noninvasive procedure requires no work from you ahead of time, and you can get on with your day immediately after your treatment! You may not want to, though, as some clients say it’s relaxing and peaceful.

If you are interested in body sculpting, contact the professionals at iCRYO to schedule an appointment. They will review your medical history and your body goals to determine which procedure may be right for you!

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Give Your Immune System A Boost With Infrared Sauna Therapy


Giving your immune system a boost is more important than ever now that we understand how deadly viruses can be. Eating healthy and exercising are both great ways to stay in shape, but adding other activities, like infrared saunas, helps, too.

Infrared saunas are an innovative technological wonder. Who knew that sitting still and relaxing in professional saunas like those at iCRYO could be such an easy way to get healthy?

What is Infrared Sauna Therapy?

When you step outside during the day, you enjoy the relaxing rays of the sun. Infrared rays are part of this spectrum – the harmless part. There are many benefits from infrared that we can’t get naturally because we need to avoid the harmful ultraviolet rays.

In infrared therapy, you get all of the natural benefits without the harmful UV rays. This method is so safe, it’s used in neonatal units around the world.

A Little Background on Your Immune System

There are research-backed scientific reasons why infrared saunas help increase the immune system.

When this system is depleted through things like lack of sleep, stress, minimal exercise, or an unhealthy diet, it’s easier for germs to seep through your body and take over.

Sometimes there isn’t anything we can do about being unable to exercise or sleep well. But we can use other external sources, like vitamins and infrared saunas, to make up for those deficiencies.

Why an Infrared Sauna Can Help

Infrared saunas work by producing heat, which in turn stimulates your body to activate certain cellular functions, such as:

  • Ramping up your white blood cell count – White blood cells, frequently termed “nurse cells,” are your body’s natural protection against foreign organisms. When you are exposed to higher levels of heat in the infrared sauna, it stimulates your cells to make more of these white blood cells. Extra infection-detecting cells mean that your body can fight illnesses earlier and stronger.

  • Increased circulation – The hot temperatures in an infrared sauna sink into your body on such a deep level that it pushes your blood to circulate faster. This increased circulation sends nutrients throughout your entire system, flushing out harmful toxins through perspiration.This is called detoxification. If you don’t sweat often or enough, your body is holding onto those toxins and other impurities. These chemicals and toxins come from daily exposure to the environment and what you eat and drink. Without sweating, they can sit in your body and make you sick or cause pain and discomfort. This toxin flush is beneficial to the immune system, and the increased circulation is great for your heart, too!

  • Fakes out your immune system – The body’s natural way of fighting infection is through a fever. High temperatures are the warning system for your immune system to kick in and start fighting off germs. When you’re strategically exposed to high temperatures in an infrared sauna, it triggers your immune system to kick in and eliminate any cells that may have been undetected otherwise.

  • Creates healthier-looking cells – In addition to ramping up the white blood cell counts, the extra temperatures create benefits at a cellular level in other ways, too. Cell regeneration is your body’s way of getting rid of old or damaged cells, and without the right stimulation, regeneration doesn’t happen frequently.This lack of new cell creation causes wrinkles and dry or damaged skin and lowers the immune system’s ability to fight. But the hot temperatures in the infrared sauna stimulate the cells to regenerate.When your weak cells are being replaced with new, strong ones, every part of your body begins running efficiently, including your immune system. As a bonus, those damaged cells aren’t sticking around, causing you to age quicker.

  • Eases pain – Infrared saunas are a relaxing way to reduce tension and stress in your muscles and joints. The heat penetrates deeply into your body, pushing oxygen through to all of your joints and extremities.As your body relaxes, tension on your nerve endings reduces, too. This diminishes pain levels, decreases muscle spasms, and gives your body the time it needs to work on recovering from injuries or trauma. During this period, your immune system is recovering and fighting foreign invaders, too.

  • Lowers your stress levels – Of course, our infrared saunas are also the perfect relaxation chamber. Infrared therapy takes away outside stresses by comforting you in a warm, peaceful area, where everything else is a distant thought. As you bask in the heat, your stresses reduce. Since stress is one of the key factors known to lower your immune system, this is beneficial both mentally and physically.

Relax and Help Your Body Recover with Infrared Therapy

The benefits of infrared saunas are incredible, plus you get to relax while you work on helping your body fight off infections and reduce pain and discomfort.

Schedule your iCRYO infrared sauna session now for preventative care.

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Why You Need Vitamin C In Your Body Every day


Germs are everywhere and we need to take precautions against them. Part of those safeguards include making sure we have enough nutrients in our bodies, including Vitamin C, to keep our immune systems running at peak levels.

Vitamin C is known as the powerhouse of vitamins because it does so much for your body. From boosting your energy to fighting chronic diseases, there really isn’t much this nutrient doesn’t do.

In fact, Vitamin C shots are recommended as a preventative measure  and it’s already a commonly offered at iCRYO locations!

Some of the Benefits of Vitamin C

Research continues to show new and incredible ways that Vitamin C helps us fight the signs of aging and improve overall health.

Some of the major benefits of this powerhouse nutrient include:

  • Building your immune system to fight colds and other germs. When your immune system is functioning at a good performance level, you can still get sick. The difference is that your odds of recovering faster and with fewer complications are better.

    This is a crucial necessity when it comes to viruses. If you are exposed to the germ, having a great immune system gives you more strength to fight against it.

  • Improved stress resistance. Stress is one of the major factors that will lower your Vitamin C levels, therefore weakening your immune system. Living an unhealthy lifestyle through overeating, smoking, drinking, and other bad habits automatically puts you at risk of not getting enough Vitamin C.

    With enough Vitamin C every day, your stress resistance improves, letting your body fight the toxins from daily bad habits and germ attacks.

  • Decreased risk of certain chronic diseases. Some studies have shown that the higher your Vitamin C levels consistently, the lower your risk of developing complications such as strokes, cancer, and cardiovascular disease.

    Researchers aren’t sure of the reasons behind the correlation, but the statistics do show a strong connection between healthy eating with fruits and vegetables and lower risk of these conditions.
  • Slower signs of aging. The effects of aging aren’t just external. Your entire body gradually feels and displays signs of getting older through pain and stiffness in your joints, clogged arteries, and other internal factors. Vitamin C helps internally, but it also limits the external signs of aging on your skin.

    High levels of Vitamin C have been associated with improved hydration of the skin. This healthy factor helps your cells continue to regenerate well, meaning fewer wrinkles, fine lines, and discoloration.

So How Can You Get More Vitamin C in Your Life?

The great thing about Vitamin C is that it’s one of the easiest and safest nutrients to add to your daily routine. Fresh foods, supplements, and other options give you the choice of how you want to up your Vitamin C levels.

Since you can’t store up this vitamin, there’s no worry about overdosing. Any extra levels are excreted from your body. While this is a benefit, it also means you have to work on getting enough Vitamin C every day, without fail, to keep your body running at peak levels.

Of course, the Vitamin C you receive directly from fresh fruit is going to be more powerful than what you get from a processed meal.

Here are some ways you can get high-impact Vitamin C every day:

  • Fresh fruits and veggies. Experts recommend that you eat nine servings of fruits and vegetables every day. The farther removed from the farm they are, the more you’d have to eat to reap the benefits. In other words, veggies from a can aren’t going to be as beneficial as direct from the garden would be.

    It’s not always easy for us to get nine servings daily of these fresh foods, especially for picky eaters. If you’re in this group, be sure you’re getting your Vitamin C other ways as well.

  • Supplements and powders. Vitamin C is one of the nutrients that are able to be absorbed in pill form, and there are many daily supplements that have it in them. The only problem with these supplements is that if you’re not using top-shelf quality, they are often full of “fillers” or watered-down ingredients.

  • Vitamin C Shots – The fastest way to get anything into your body is to inject it directly into the bloodstream. When it comes to Vitamin C, this method gives you an immediate energy boost as well as other benefits.

    You can use it preventatively by scheduling an appointment with your medical team at iCRYO.

Get Your Daily Dose of Vitamin C Every Day

Vitamin C has so many benefits, it is possibly the most important nutritional factor for your body. And it’s easy to get if you know what you’re looking for.

You need to reload your C levels every day, and one easy way is through Vitamin C shots with iCRYO.

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10 Natural (At-Home) Ways to Boost Your Immune System


The events of 2020 have shown us that your immune system is not something you want to neglect. Illness and disease will continue to exist, and preventative care is something you must take seriously.

When illnesses sweep through a community, Vitamin C and other supplements can fly off the shelf in never-before-seen waves. Hand sanitizer, bleach, and other chemicals will usually follow suit.

For those already in good health, it can be a wake-up call and a scare. For anyone with a compromised immune system already, it can be downright terrifying.

Going forward, we know that the one of the best ways to stay healthy, is to keep our immune systems running at peak levels.

You don’t need a doctor’s prescription or special equipment to do this. You don’t even need to leave your house!

10 Easy Ways to Improve Your Health at Home

When you’re ready to take control of your health and increase how your body fights foreign organisms, try one (or all!) of these natural immunity boosters:

1. Up your Vitamin C levels.

Everyone should have at least 2500 mg of Vitamin C every day. If you’re not sure that you’re getting enough, get some more!

Vitamin C is one of the safest nutrients you can ingest since it doesn’t store up in your body. This has pros and cons to it: Anything over what your body needs is excreted out through waste, but you have to start from scratch again every day.

You can get fresh Vitamin C from a pill or mixed powder, and, of course, fresh fruits and vegetables!

2. Increase your Zinc.

Zinc is a mineral that your body needs as it is developing to grow properly. Once you’ve fully grown, it’s still necessary to get enough daily zinc in your diet.

This mineral is vital to your immune system since it helps your white blood cells fight foreign invaders like bacteria and viruses. Zinc is found in foods like milk, whole grains, red meat, and poultry, but you can also get it in supplements.

3. Enjoy the fresh air.

Thirty minutes outside in the fresh air has physical and mental rejuvenating effects on your body. Indoor air circulates germs and bacteria while stepping outside in the fresh air gives your body a chance to expel those toxins.

Spending some time outside is good for your lungs, but it has other health benefits, too. Studies have shown that being in the fresh air aids your digestive system and improves your blood pressure and heart rate. Hand in hand with this is the mental health perk of lowering your stress levels.

4. Get your Vitamin D.

There’s no source of Vitamin D better than the sun, as long as you protect yourself from harmful UV rays. Using the sun’s natural light for your Vitamin D gives you the added benefit of being in the fresh air, too!

If you can’t get outside or are in a harsher climate, add Vitamin-D enriched foods to your diet. Fatty fish, seafood, mushrooms, and egg yolks are full of this vitamin. When all else fails, take it in pill form!

5. Exercise.

Getting physical helps your body flush toxins out through sweat. But it also has a lot of other benefits!

When you’re exercising, your muscles and body systems begin to get in shape (or stay there). Because they’re already operating better, your white blood cells in your immune system don’t have to work as hard there, leaving them open to scout for infectious invaders.

6. Get enough sleep.

Lack of sleep is one of the most dangerous ways to lower the immune system. We don’t realize it’s a problem, and most of us think it’s a fact of life. With 50 to 70 million people suffering from chronic sleep deprivation, it just seems normal.

The problem is that your body heals when it sleeps, and if you’re not getting rest, your immune system is constantly working overtime.

If you are one of the many who suffer from trouble sleeping, it may be as simple as one of your daily habits. There are natural ways to sleep better, and if you can’t find a way that helps, talk to your doctor. Assuming that not sleeping isn’t a big deal can be deadly.

7. Get your green tea.

Green tea can be consumed as a beverage, but it’s also in foods and supplements. This nutrient has a multitude of health benefits, including lowering blood pressure and reducing cardiovascular problems.

It’s also a great way to boost your immune system since they have Polyphenols, antioxidants that work hard to fight viruses, infections and sickness.

8. Lower your stress.

This is often the hardest one to control, but high-stress levels increase the hormone cortisol. This hormone is necessary to control blood sugar levels and your endocrine system, but too much is bad for your immune system.

Too much cortisol can result in weight gain, inflammation, and other chronic conditions. It also lowers your immune system by overworking it.

9. Watch your unhealthy habits.

Smoking, drinking, and recreational drugs are all things that add more toxins in your body. When your body is busy trying to expel those toxins, it isn’t working as hard to eliminate viruses and bacteria.

Your immune system is lowered, focused on getting rid of the new invaders you’re purposely putting into your body. While it’s doing that, it can’t be as vigilant to watch for sneaky infections.

10. Stay hydrated.

Your body is mostly water, and it relies on you to keep it hydrated. Drinking enough fluids isn’t only important when you’re thirsty. In fact, feeling thirsty means it’s too late, and your body is already dehydrating.

Whether you feel the urge to drink or not, you have to stay hydrated regularly. Fluids are crucial to every system in your body, including your immune system. They carry the nutrients to your cells, eliminate toxins, and keep you from being constipated. Dehydrated cells can’t protect you from infections.

Keep Your Immune System Functioning at Peak Levels

These are all great ways to stay healthy from home, but if you can get out, there are other ways to ensure you’re doing everything you can to take care of your body.

If you really want to be proactive and preventative, Vitamin C and Zinc iV from iCRYO, is exactly what you need.

With iV, your body has 100% absorption of the nutrients into the bloodstream. iCryo also offers Vitamin C and Glutathione shots that are IM (intramuscular).

Although these processes are affordable, you can’t put a value on your health. Use a combination of at-home preventative measures and immunity boosters at iCryo.

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