Start a Cryotherapy Business

iCRYO offers an affordable, convenient, and professional franchise system for Cryotherapy. Whether it be a retail location, inside a gym, or an additional service to your business we have the systems and training in place to provide safe cryotherapy in your community.

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iCRYO Training

iCRYO Cryotherapy has a simple certification program that will get you ready and prepared for iCRYO.

Turnkey Construction

We get the job done quick and fast, because we've been in the construction business for over 25 years.

Site Selection Assistance

We've already picked out all the prime locations and territories for future franchisees. 

Marketing & Promotional Strategies

iCRYO has a very thorough pre-opening, post-opening and on-going advertising and marketing program.

Equipment & Operational Coaching

We offer an educational program that's quick and easy so you can open up your future location as soon as possible.

Sports & Fitness

iCRYO Cryotherapy units give competitive athletes an edge by enhancing preparation so they can train harder and maximize performance.

Pain Management

The evolution of cold therapy, iCRYO Cryotherapy enables physical therapists, sports chiropractors to offer sessions with an innovative, yet established technology.

Beauty & Anti-Aging

Separate yourself from other destinations by adding iCRYO Cryotherapy, the ultimate in rejuvenation and exhilaration, to your guests’ exceptional experience.